Meet Annette Snyder 

Hi and Welcome to my website.

My name is Annette Snyder.

I was licensed as a cosmetologist in 1984. I found that I had a growing interest in personal beauty care and became a certified permanent cosmetic technician in 1992. I am an active member of the society of permanent cosmetic professionals and have also served as a Colorado State Board task force member.

I am committed to you, my client. I attend regular continuing education classes which allow me to further study the art of permanent cosmetics. My most recent training classes were held in Minnesota, Colorado, California, and Nevada. I will continue to pursue extensive training to keep up to date on all the latest trends, styles, breakthroughs and new technologies emerging.

One of my most important areas of continued training has focused on application safety for each and every client. Color and color matching of permanent makeup and areola coloring has also been an area of extensive training and focus.  I believe I use the best line of pigment and support available.

 I will always strive to keep you safe and have you love your results too.

Do your research and choose your permanent cosmetic makeup specialist carefully.

It’s natural for people to seek the best price. But when you’re talking about something as important as your face, the emphasis should be on quality and experience, not price. It’s possible to find people who will do this work cheaper. Is it really worth the risk to go with the lowest bidder? Superior training, experience, and unparalleled abilities are valuable in any trade. Permanent cosmetics are no different.

“The procedure for me was painless. I use very little makeup. As a surgical nurse I don’t wear makeup, so this was perfect for me.”


"Annette, thank you for your professional expertise and care."


"Annette, thanks for the best gift I gave myself this year!"


I want to thank you for your interest in permanent cosmetics. You may have first learned of this remarkable service from a friend or from a television interview with a permanent cosmetic technician. It has received an increasing level of attention because it is so simple, safe and makes a great deal of sense.

I believe that those who look to me for professional help in this area want answers to their questions, and that is the purpose of this website. Permanent cosmetics is not only here to stay, but is steadily increasing in popularity due to things like exposure to sun UV light, medications and people just getting too busy to have the time to get their make up just right every time they want to go out.

I appreciate your interest. Your questions will always be welcome here.

For more information, please call me at 719-429-1966.

Annette Snyder


Lifetime member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

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