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Register for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month FREE Areola Procedure

Go to my contact page and register to win a FREE post Mastectomy areola procedure or message me on FB.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I will be providing a FREE areola reconstruction procedure to a Breast Cancer Survivor. Register during the month of October and I will draw at the end of the month.  Take a look at my photo section for before and after pictures. Call, email or message me on FB for questions.   Annette

Lips, Lips and more Lips

I will be attending the Fall SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) Conference in Long Beach California on the Queen Mary October 3rd and 4th.  Studying many topics and a hands on Lip class.

“The best $ I ever spent”

“The best money I ever spent!” is what Annette Snyder hears often about Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing.


Eyebrows can be created with hair like strokes that frames your face, eye defining eyeliner that makes your eyes POP, lip color and lip liner adds color and defines the lip boarder that disappears with age and post mastectomy/cancer areola recreation and can be permanently applied to the skin by a comfortable form of tattooing.  Perfectly in place, it relieves women of the time consuming job of putting on their makeup every day.  Permanent Cosmetics is perfect for women who have allergies, poor eyesight, Alopecia sufferers or disabilities that keeps them from smoothly applying their makeup.  As we age applying makeup can become more difficult. The skin loses its elasticity making it hard to draw on smooth line, vision becomes blurred, along with watery eyes, medical conditions that cause hands to shake.  Permanent Makeup is also great for the busy working women, physically active, for gals who enjoy being in the water, those that like to wake up with a fresh, natural look….most of all it is convenient!

What is Permanent Makeup?  It is a process using hypoallergenic cosmetic pigment that is placed under the dermal layer of the skin using a single use, individual, disposable, sterile needle. The area to be treated is well numbed with an anesthetic to make it very comfortable.

Is it really permanent?  Color will fade over time.  Natural elements, anti-aging creams, sun exposure, sweating, tanning beds and just the age of permanent makeup will fade in time.  Depending on the procedure and area, it is recommended to have it re enhanced with color in 1-5 years.

Recovery and Healing time?  This varies from person to person, usually within days.  Typically there is minimal to no bleeding and swelling is minimal and relieved with a cool pack.  Written aftercare instructions and ointment is provided.

Cost?  Most common procedures range from $200 – 350.  This includes a touch up following the healing of the first application.  More extensive procedures may be charged per hour.  For further pricing, information and before and after photos go to: or see me on FB.

Annette Snyder has been applying Permanent Cosmetics for over 23 years.  She was trained and certified in Denver Colorado in 1992 and then began the journey of applying Permanent Cosmetics in her salon in Canon City Colorado.  After living in Colorado for 29 years with her husband Jim they decided to return to their home town area and settled in Waterville, MN.  Annette opened an office in her home in Waterville and has been applying Permanent Makeup since July of 2012.

Annette will put you at ease from the moment you schedule and appointment to the time you leave her licensed, insured, professional office at 410 Main St E Waterville, MN  56096.  719-429-1966. Most of Annette’s client see her because of a referral from a friend or relative, word of mouth is the best advertisement!      “You will love it”!


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The professional office at Permanent Cosmetics by Annette…you’ll be glad you came!

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