Permanent Makeup

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Discover How Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing Can Change The Way You Look and Feel Today!

You are a candidate for permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing if you:

  • Are active in sports and exercise
  • Have sparse eyelashes/eyebrows
  • Are allergic to cosmetics
  • Have unsteady hands or a disability
  • Look washed out
  • Have hair loss
  • Have skin imperfections
  • Have loss of lip color/line
  • Want the convenience of makeup that won’t smear of smudge

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Read a few of our many client testimonials~

There are no words to express how I feel. Each day as I get dressed I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Prior to you tattooing my areola I was always reminded of my battle with breast cancer. Now I have more days than not where I don’t even think about it. Your beautiful work in designing and creating my areola has given me my dignity and my pride back. It looks great!

There are so many women that will benefit for your skills. The gentleness and warmth that you showed me shows through in your everyday life.

– Lynne


It really simplifies my life. I’m physically active, and it’s nice not to have that dark makeup running down my face when I work out.


The shaping and coloring look very natural Annette’s permanent makeup is very convenient for me .It actually adds time to my day.

– Karen


The procedure for me was painless. I use very little other makeup. As a surgical nurse I don’t wear makeup. So this was perfect for me.

– Toni


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