Permanent Makeup Pricing & Questions 


Hair Strokes and Powder Fill



Lower Eyeliner


Upper Eyeliner


Upper and Lower Eyeliner



Lip Liner and Full Lip Color

$460 – $560


Areola Reconstruction

$460 (per side)

(This procedure may be covered by your insurance)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing?

It is a revolutionary method of inserting pigment into the dermis layer of the skin and forming a “tattoo” of permanent color. With this method I can create eyeliner, fill in your eyebrows, add lip color and liner too. I can also color in the areola after a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery.

Why would I want Permanent Makeup?

Most people say that it relieves them of the repetitious application of expensive cosmetics. This provides extra time for other things in their lives and gives them a sense of security in their looks. This can also help people with disabilities or poor eyesight that have trouble applying a smooth even line.

How is it done and will it hurt?

Using an extremely fine probe, micro pigment is placed into the outermost dermal layer of the skin.

The procedure is very tolerable; a topical numbing solution is applied for your comfort. Yet most people describe the sensation as only a mild “plucking” feeling due to the gentle pressure.

Do you perform Microblading?

While new techniques are always worth exploring, I’ve focused my entire career (almost 30 years) on traditional cosmetic tattooing utilizing a fine, single tip applicator. I find I’m able to achieve a more natural, faster healing, and more comfortable result for my clients with this time tested technique.

What about after care?

You may have some redness or a slight swelling (looks as though you have been crying). We provide you with an ointment and suggestions to help with this. Healing can be expected in just a few days.

Will I still have to wear makeup?

While some people enhance their permanent makeup, many find the effect so ideal and so natural that they need no other help.

Do I have a color choice?

A wide variety of colors are available. Together we will match your skin tone. The color will soften as it heals into the skin.

How long will the color last?

You will be scheduled for a follow-up visit for any needed touch-up work and to ensure your personal procedure meets your expectations. Color will fade slightly over the months and years.

Can you tell me more about Areola Coloring?

Areola coloring is done using very special techniques. Permanent cosmetic tattooing can create a natural-looking, three-dimensional areola and nipple for breast cancer patients following breast reconstruction surgery.

If you feel diminished by disease or injury, allow permanent cosmetics to restore your sense of personal beauty.

“I have had such great experiences having eyeliner & eyebrows tattooed. I recommend Annette; she is professional, accommodating, insightful, fun to hang out with, good tunes & extremely experienced!”


"Annette did my eyeliner and I am so pleased with the results. She is very professional, easy to talk to and does an awesome job! I would highly recommend her!"


"Annette is amazing. Very patient, explains things well. I would definitely refer my friends and family to her. Thank you Annette!"



~All first time procedures include a touch-up in 4-8 weeks.

~Color Boost 3 to 6 months following initial procedure, completed in one appointment $100 to $160

~Color Boost 6 months to 1 year following initial procedure, completed in one appointment $160 to $200

~Color Boost after 1 year following initial procedure, completed in one appointment $200 to $260

~Re application of procedure after 5 years becomes the same as new first time procedure*

~All first time clients coming in for work on procedures done elsewhere are considered New Clients.

~Correction and color LIGHTENING/REMOVAL~ Call for phone consultation.

Please call, text or email for more information.

*All prices are determined by procedure age, amount of pigment loss and time required.

“It’s natural for people to seek the best price. But when you’re talking about something as important as your face, the emphasis should be on quality and experience, not price. It’s possible to find people who will do this work cheaper. Is it really worth the risk to go with the lowest bidder?

Superior training, experience, and unparalleled abilities are valuable in any trade. Permanent cosmetics are no different.”

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